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Our Warriors are wrongfully accused and convicted of "War Crimes" and US military prosecutors use the following against them:


1.  RIGHTS - Prosecutors denied our Warriors all their Rights


- Especially those contained in the 5th and 6th Amendments to our US Constitution


2.  EVIDENCE - Prosecutors failed to share that which they must by US Law, "exculpatory evidence"


- Any information which could be used to defend and exonerate our Warriors of guilt

3.  MITIGATING FACTORS - Prosecutors prevented juries from hearing mitigating factors or extenuating circumstances


- Any information which might result in reduced charges or a lesser sentences for our Warriors


4.  FALSE STATEMENTS - Prosecutors publicly misrepresent facts associated with cases.


- Most recently that a Warrior was convicted of changing the Rules Of Engagement (ROEs), when the jury actually acquitted him of that accusation

5.  ENEMY COMBATANTS - Prosecutors secretly flew enemy combatants into America to testify against our Warriors;


- Specifically, enemy bomb-makers, who have killed Americans (NOT concerned civilians from another country), were flown to America to be witnesses against us, on commercial airlines with US citizens on board.  


We are still at war and our enemies have a vested interest in making false allegations... and killing Americans. 


Military prosecutors should not be aiding them

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